Snapchat Plus planets – meaning and solar system order with pictures explained

You can now see how close you are to your best friend.

Snapchat+ subscribers must be a bit confused about the whole new Snapchat Plus Planets feature.

With Snapchat Plus, an optional subscription service launched in late June 2022, users have access to a number of exclusive features like story rewatch counts, Web Snapchat, and more. Friend Solar Systems is one of the exclusive features.

Despite the confusion among several Snapchat Plus subscribers, many people are excited about this feature. How does this feature work and what does it mean? Here’s how Snapchat Plus Planets work and what it means.

What do the Planets mean on Snapchat Plus?

You can use planets on Snapchat Plus to show how close you are to one of your Snapchat friends. Snapchat’s best friends list can be viewed this way.

Your top eight Snapchat friends are assigned planets based on how close you are, with Mercury being the closest and Neptune being the furthest. Snapchat allows you to have 8 best friends, and the friends you snap and chat with the most appear as planets.

You’ll see a gold ring around a Best Friends or Friends badge on someone’s Friendship Profile. “Best Friends” means you’re each other’s eight closest friends, and “Friends” means you’re each other’s eight closest friends, but they’re not yours.

By tapping on the friendship badge, you can find out which planet you belong to in their Solar System. In other words, how close you are to them. If your friend is the Sun and you are the Earth in their Solar System, you are the third closest friend to them.

Snapchat Plus Planets Order With Pictures

You need to know the order of the planets in our Solar System, as well as how they look, in order to figure out your position in your friend’s Solar System. Because Snapchat Plus Friendmoji doesn’t display the name or position of the planet – only its picture.

When you don’t know the order of the planets and their appearance, it is difficult to reckon your place in your friend’s Solar System. Here is the Snapchat Plus Planets order with pictures:

  1. Mercator
  2. The planet Venus.
  3. The planet earth
  4. The Red Planet
  5. Isis
  6. During Saturn’s phase
  8. Plutonia

Snapchat Friend Solar System Not Working?

You may notice that Snapchat’s solar system isn’t working if you don’t see a gold ring around your best friends’ friend status. However, that is not always the case.

There are only two possible explanations in this case. In order to see your spot in their solar system, you must be on their best friends list. You and your friend must both have a linked Bitmoji in order to view Friend Solar Systems.

Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat+ subscriptions cost $3.99 per month. With Snapchat Plus, you can access exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features that enhance and customize your Snapchat experience.

The following features are exclusive to Snapchat Plus:

  • On the map, you’ll find ghost trails
  • Forever Best Friends (Pin as #1 Best Friend)
  • Indicator of rewatching a story
  • Icons and themes for custom apps 
  • Badge for Snapchat+ 
  • Solar System for Friends 
  • Responses to priority stories 
  • Emojis for Post Views 
  • Backgrounds with Bitmojis 
  • Timer for stories 
  • The art of capturing color 
  • Sounds for Custom Notifications 
  • Snapscore change for friends
  • Wallpapers for chat 
  • Buttons for custom capture 
  • Snapchat+ as a gift

To sign up for Snapchat Plus, go to your Profile, click on the Snapchat+ banner card at the top and choose a Subscription.

After the 7-day trial period, you can cancel Snapchat Plus if you don’t like it. There will be no charge to you.


What is Snapchat Plus planets?

Snapchat Plus planets is a feature on Snapchat that allows users to add augmented reality (AR) planetary objects to their snaps. It enhances the visual experience by overlaying realistic-looking planets onto real-world environments.

How do I access Snapchat Plus planets?

To access Snapchat Plus planets, open the Snapchat app and go to the camera screen. From there, tap on the Explore button, which is usually represented by a magnifying glass icon. Search for “Plus Planets” in the Explore section, and you’ll find various AR planetary objects to choose from.

Can I customize the Snapchat Plus planets in my snaps?

Yes, you can customize the Snapchat Plus planets in your snaps. Once you have selected a planet, you can adjust its size, position, and orientation in your camera view. You can also use gestures to rotate or move the planet around.

Can I use multiple Snapchat Plus planets in one snap?

Absolutely! You can use multiple Snapchat Plus planets in a single snap. Mix and match different planets to create unique and captivating scenes. You can resize and position each planet independently to create the desired composition.

Can I share my Snapchat Plus planets snaps with others?

Yes, you can share your Snapchat Plus planets snaps with others. After capturing your snap with the augmented reality planets, you can send it directly to your friends or share it as a story on your Snapchat profile. You can also save the snap to your device’s camera roll and share it on other platforms.

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